Tikikiti Top Ten

We Don't Need A Hero by Web Rumors
Saxon Wright Jul 19, 2019
  • 01
    We Don't Need A Hero By Web Rumors
    Video By Saxon Wright
  • 02
    Starlight (Feat. Mr.Gabriel) By Jai Wolf
    Video By Nathan Teece
  • 03
    Dear Future Husband By Meghan Trainor
    Video By Latymer Media
  • 04
    Summer Overture By Clint Mansell
    Video By Mr. Slambie
  • 05
    I Ran (So Far Away) By Hidden Citizens
    Video By DMC 349
  • 06
    Tic Tok By Ke$ha
    Video By Latymer Media
  • 07
    Dalla Dalla By ITZY
    Video By Fastlumina management
  • 08
    Sober By Childish Gambino
    Video By Aeth
  • 09
    Grace Kelly By MIKA
    Video By Latymer Media
  • 10
    Things Done Changed By The Notorious B.I.G
    Video By DullPuppet

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We put these two together because they are so linked — especially since so many videos involve acting, singing and dancing. Standing out in the crowd requires creativity, energy and originality.


Cutting on motion, guiding eye movement, color timing .. this is where good videos come together. Good editing is more than just cutting on the beat, and it helps good ideas and performances shine.


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From the depths of winter's chilly bosom, we bid you a warm welcome! Since we're snowed in for a few weeks, let's watch some hot Unofficial Music Videos, the best of the bunch from February's cultural crop of adolescent tension. It should help pass the time till we're all too weak fr ...