Tikikiti Top Ten

Moving Targets by Flo & Eddie
Controller Disconnected Sep 27, 2020
  • 01
    Moving Targets By Flo & Eddie
    Video By Controller Disconnected
  • 02
    Wishful Thinking By Benee
    Video By brookeuhm
  • 03
    What's Wrong With People? Pt. 2 By Whitey
    Video By Astro Soup
  • 04
    Together By Haedone
    Video By Roberto Formentini
  • 05
    I Got U (Feat. Tax Jones) By Duke Dumont
    Video By Samuel Seguel
  • 06
    Senorita By (G)I-DLE
    Video By Ark of Contents
  • 07
    Not Shy By ITZY
    Video By Mati
  • 08
    In The Summertime By Thirsty Mac
    Video By Katee Owen Appreciation Society
  • 09
    Icy By ITZY
    Video By Bisou
  • 10
    Dumdi Dumdi By (G)I-DLE

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We curate and exhibit indie music videos. From the thousands of student, fan and unofficial videos submitted to YouTube daily, we bring you the best. We rate videos on three criteria: production quality, creativity/performance and editing.


Cinematography, lighting, camera movements, sets, locations ��� Production quality doesn���t mean a big budget. It���s more about great ideas and inspired execution.


We put these two together because they are so linked ��� especially since so many videos involve acting, singing and dancing. Standing out in the crowd requires creativity, energy and originality.


Cutting on motion, guiding eye movement, color timing .. this is where good videos come together. Good editing is more than just cutting on the beat, and it helps good ideas and performances shine.


“Holes in our spirit causing tears and fears. / One-sided stories for years and years and years. / I’m inferior? Who’s inferior? / Yeah, we need to check the interior / of the system ...

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