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TikiKiti Video Rating: The Mashup Music Video

When TikiKiti first started rating videos we found several different types of videos and knew we needed to break up our ratings by categories. The mashup video is one of the types. But, when we started we found that “mashup” meant different things to different people. When making a music video some producers would take existing music videos and mash up the songs together to create a single video. At TikiKiti we looked at this and decided we didn’t want to rate these. There just wasn’t enough creativity there.

What we did like were videos put to a single song, but the images were garnered from all over YouTube. This type of video is still one of my personal favorites because they are consistently very creative, have a variety of different production features added, and, especially, quality editing. In fact, the editing is what brings the other categories together.

Some examples of great videos are those done by Jesse Locke.


Jesse has a certain style whereby his videos are usually face-paced but with some very recognizable clips. He says he normally spends about 12 hours on a mashup video — maybe more.

Other type of mashup is this by Luis Perez:

This mashup is brilliant in how it has taken some very abstract imagery and pieced them together, overlapping them and adding color to form a cohesive video that fits the music perfectly.

Another video that puts visuals to an instrumental is by Ezzion for the song Alwaysfall by Drip-133:

This exceptional video has taken clips from old films — very old films — and edited them to create a narrative of sorts.

Something seemingly basic as this done to a Linkin Park song, Roads Untraveled, produced by Владимир Черепанов:

This video mixes clips of the band with some very captivating images of flying whales. I’m reminded of Disney’s Fantasia 2000. Although many of the images are literal — in that they reflect the song lyrics exactly — such as shots of driving down deserted roads, the producer has put them together to create something different. The editing leaves the viewer asking some questions about what it was they just watched.

Is it a Mashup or a Narrative? Sometimes mashup videos are constructed using various videos of a single artist or event. As with this video produced by XDinoStephX for the Halsey song, Hurricane.

The production quality on this production was rated very high because of how the various videos were put together to create a similar look and feel. Sometimes filters or other color changes features are used to create a cohesive appearance. Most Lana del Rey videos use these features to create a look that is similar to LDR’s own videos:

With all this said, a good mashup does not need to be a fast paced, quickly edited, epileptic video. Sometimes a good mashup can take just one video and edit it to create a space when wrapped with a song. An example is this video by the Deftones of their song Riviére as produced by The Unseen.

The mashup video is one of the more creative categories that TikiKiti rates. There is such a wealth of source material that the producer will likely spend more time finding just the right shot for each edit then most anything else. When the producer begins adding original elements, such as text, filters and other effects, is when the mashup becomes a remarkable music video.