Monthly Archives: September 2016

TIkiKiti & the independent music video producer


TikiKiti likes music videos — a lot. We also think that the independent producer that make fan videos for their favorite songs are under-recognized and under-appreciated. Recognizing the wealth of music videos on YouTube from these indie producers helps us to realize our idea of curating these videos.

TikiKiti was started by people who have long been involved in film production. We started looking at videos and realized — as so many do — that we were rating them. So we fine-tuned our rating system (see blog post from August 13 to see more about the rating system) and dived in.

We are now ready to start picking the best videos and offering an award. See the the photo above of the McClellan Barclay originally from the 1920s that is now our award. This is a cast bronze statuette and the winner will get one that is gold plated.