Artist Profile: Jesse Locke

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In our continuing effort to recognize the artists responsible for Unofficial Music Videos (or Amateur Music Video/Fan Video), TikiKiti caught up with director Jesse Locke from Bend, Oregon.

About two weeks ago, we singled Jesse out for his gritty visual take on the Oasis song, “Cigarettes and Alcohol” and followed it up with a director Q&A.

In the “Cigarettes and Alcohol” video, were you looking for particular narrative elements or just trying to create a vivid collage to accompany the song?

My narrative for that video was to depict drug and alcohol addiction in a graphic light. I’m not trying to preach and say this is bad, just show you images of fucked-up shit. I feel like this song is a down and dirty song, so I wanted to have visuals that didn’t pull any punches.

Did you have a specific idea in mind that guided you or was it a more organic process?

It always starts out with a specific idea, but then it changes as time progresses and new ideas are formed. So it’s a combination of both. I had an idea I wanted to use graphic drug imagery and then it grew from there.

Was all the footage taken from YouTube?


Is the mashup approach one you favor? What are some other ideas of methods that you’ve tried?

Mashups are fun. I’m trying to push the abstract video envelope these days and put visuals to beats that are on the base visually appealing, that don’t really pertain to a concept or a narrative that goes with the song.

Is there an art form that informs your work or that you are inspired by?

Animation is kind of like a unicorn to me. Like, I know people know how to do it well and make really cool shit. I want to make really cool shit, but the in-between is extremely elusive.

Is there an artist that informs your work or who inspires you?

Quentin Tarantino has been a huge influence on the way I view the world, and my interests in exploitation etc.

What have you been up to lately?

Heading to Jordan to film our second documentary in the region.

When creating a fan video, is there a goal you try to achieve?

My goal is for the band to [A] see it [B] like it. I want to create something that a major studio band would consider using for their official video.

What is it about a song that makes you want to create visual accompaniment?

It depends on the artist, not all songs make me think in terms of visuals. But there are certain bands that speak to me on a visual level. Like Radiohead. Every time I listen to any of their songs I instantly think of cool little vignettes that would go with it. Songs are pretty awesome to create to because of the beat. I edit everything to the beat, even films that have no music in it. It has to have a cadence so making a music video seems to be a simple and fun idea for a person who lives in a visual storytelling world.

What gear do you recommend for other aspiring video makers?

DSLR camera, an expensive steady cam (save to get) and 1,000 watt light kit.


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