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TikiKiti Awards: May + June

“When Miss Moon lays down/And Sir Sun stands up/Me I’m found floating round and round/Like a bug in brandy/In this big bronze cup/Drowning here in summer’s cauldron.”

Summer vay-kay is here, and, much as it pains us to crawl from the hammock, making sure not to spill a precariously perched Bloody Mary, we have indeed returned to share nectar from our voluminous video flower patch.

How’s the weather where you are? Here at TikiKiti HQ (let me just bring up the satellite view) the forecast is topical with a chance of pain, followed by darkness when the sun goes down.

You may have noticed two months worth of awards in this post. Since we tend to get fewer submissions during these balmy summer days, we’re really doing our best to keep our inventory fresh and up to date. So while the boss is paragliding in Paraguay, it’s up to you and me to separate the wheat from the chaff.

For this installment, we have two winning videos, the first is for May and the second for June. Congratulations to both artists for superior work. Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of the mailman bearing your Barclay Trophy.

1. Producer: Will Lucas
Artist: Arianna Grande
Song: “Sometimes”
Category: Narrative

We were fooled along with everyone else! What opens as a simple meet-cute bit of romantic fluff, evolves into cloak-and-dagger escapades and intrigue. Very robust visual storytelling and sensible use of metaphor imagery, e.g., mousetraps, fishing lures, board games.

2. Producer: Kathryn Jankowski
Artist: Solomon Wilbur
Song: “Show Me Love”
Category: Narrative

More suppressed female rage is unleashed as a trio of overworked paper-pushers try to smash through the glass ceiling while simultaneously realizing their jobs pretty much suck. That’s a powerfully unsettling message.

3. Producer: RaymondisLazy
Artist: Mac Miller
Song: “Wings”
Category: Vérité

Mesmerizing and provocative travel imagery of Bangkok set to Mac Miller’s moody beats and subdued soul crooning. Both big pictures and little pictures are worth equal time.

4. Producer: Ryuuzaki NL
Artist: Billie Eilish
Song: “Bury A Friend”
Category: Performance

You didn’t really think we’d get through an entire round of videos without hearing from Billie Eilish, did you? She’s everywhere! The choreography bristles with vitality despite the obvious lack of precision.

5. Producer: Mikel Arraiz
Artist: Neon Palms
Song: “Kiss Me Malibu”
Category: Narrative

And finally, how about a gorgeously filmed but feverishly grotesque examination of mating rituals and the cultures that foster them as a necessary evil. Like we don’t have enough to worry about!

Until next time, campers! Keep those creative candles burning.

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Bodin

“Voilà voilà, c’est finalement fini!”

Who knew we were so big in France? Paris filmmaker Kevin Bodin is the most recent Barclay Trophy winner for his superb video, “Les Cours Des Lycées” by Saez. So let’s meet him.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Kevin Bodin. I have been an independent video maker for five years.

I studied video editing. I am fond of music and cinema, since my youngest age. I am a self-taught director. I come from the South of France but I have been living in Paris for seven years now.

Are you a professional?

I am doing my best to be as professional as possible! My particularity is to be versatile and to hold several positions during the making of my movies.

A small crew accompanies me on a few projects that require artificial lights or big labour. But I am by myself most of the time from the writing of the screenplay to the post-production. It is obsessional, I like to keep a tight rein on my work from start to finish.

What gear do you use?

I generally shoot with a Panasonic GH5 and fixed focal-length lenses. I like light equipment. I usually do the editing on DaVinci Resolve.

We get videos from all over the planet, and it seems as if troubled, sullen teens are universal. Are music videos an effective forum for experiencing the lives of people from different cultures?

Uneasiness is universal, and I think cinema and video play an essential part to change things in depths… Or at least to better understand the world around us… Or simply to feel less lonely.

Can you share some of your notes on the production of “Les Cours Des Lycées” in terms of theme and narrative?

I have very few notes. I prepare a lot beforehand and then I improvise a lot during the shooting.

What sort of feeling were you hoping to evoke?

Melancholia is the feeling that inspires me the most… The dark side of things… It represents a part of the truth of the existence. A part into which I like to look deeper… I also want to denounce and defend in my movies. I like to make other people feel the emotions that I feel myself every day. It gives me the impression that I am sharing a little bit of myself, of my way to communicate.

Do you have any near-future production projects or plans?

Yes! Surprise! Two radically different clips! One will be out in September and the other should be out in November.

Kevin was kind enough to send us some of his other video creations. And we look forward to much more!