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TikiKiti Awards: March ’20

The fact is…
No matter how closely I study it / No matter how I take it apart / No matter how I break it down / It remains consistent / I wish you were here to see it.

The outside world? Vastly overrated. Everything we need can be found right here. *points to head*

I find it odd, or perhaps oddly comforting, that while network news is relatively silent about the ways in which our global neighbors are dealing with this pesky plague, we have in our possession an unspoiled network of opportunity to share our dreams, observations, and anxieties.

Use it. Use your time and creative zeal to make Unofficial Music Videos. Process the darkness and fear it no more.

We’re all in the same dark here, and we can use more light on the subject.

Have I mentioned lately that TikiKiti is a micro-community of cinema devotees in search of brilliant Unofficial Music Videos? On a mostly monthly basis we critique the five top entrants, and present the Barclay Trophy to a promising video artist—like you.

March was one of the longest months in recorded history, and we all got reacquainted with Netflix, carbohydrates, and despair.

So let’s March forward into something better, like a tie for first place. Congrats to both our winners!

1. Producer: Appalachian Ghost Productions
Artist: Tyler Childers
Song: “Nose To The Grindstone”
Category: Narrative

There’s so much story to unpack here, it’s hard to know where to begin. This Appalachian Ghost Production is a masterful blend of song and image that speaks volumes about the plight of the working poor. Poignancy is a complicated feeling and difficult to capture. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Producer: Film Framer
Artist: Radiohead
Song: “Subterranean Homesick Alien”
Category: Narrative

Who’s the alien here? Like David Bowie before him, Film Framer explores the isolation and ennui of the English schoolboy by transforming his protagonist into a man who just fell to earth.

3. Producer: Jocelyn Ren
Artist: Queen
Song: “Killer Queen”
Category: Narrative

Girls just want to have fun, but what happens when the 24-hour party ends? Superb editing and the lead actress is astonishing.

4. Producer: Joshua John Esguerra
Artist: Clipping
Song: “Nothing Is Safe”
Category: Narrative

The cycle of abuse bears bitter fruit. The drained black-and-white photography gives “Nothing Is Safe” the appearance of a bad dream or suppressed memory. It’s important to exorcise every day.

5. Producer: Michael Crowley
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Song: “Dark Paradise”
Category: Narrative

It’s a love story with gorgeous art direction and drone-powered panorama. Every shot is a keeper.

Thanks for joining us! Keep sending those wonderful care packages and we’ll make it to the other side of this mess.

And we haven’t forgotten the Best Video of 2019! It’s due any minute.

TikiKiti Awards: February ’20

The cuckoo clock has died of shock and the windows feel no pane / The air’s as still as the throttle of a funeral train.

Hey! How’s it going? Pretty good? Can’t complain? So let’s embrace our social distancing.

It’s a weird world out there, friends. We’re all at least six feet apart to slow the spread of Covid-19, our pitiless unseen enemy. Yet the irony of coming together by staying away from each other is not lost on anyone.

We have time on our hands, and it looks as though isolation is going to be a recurring theme in our lives. We’re encouraging video artisans to incorporate and process their own feelings of isolation, loneliness, dread, claustrophobia, determination, and triumph into new Unofficial Music Videos. We want to make this a thing.

Then again, maybe it already is.

Just to refresh your memory, TikiKiti is a tiny collective of movie nerds, filmmakers, writers, and artistic types who want nothing more than to see your Unofficial Music Videos. On a semi-monthly basis we show the five best, and present the Barclay Trophy to the top vote-getter.

It may not be February anymore, but these five featurettes have us looking back fondly to a time when we could still gather in person.

1. Producer: Lidia in Shanghai
Artist: Five Seconds of Summer
Song: “Youngblood”
Category: Narrative

A perfectly crafted distillation of a first-love arc, with fresh emotions blooming and bursting through our video subjects. Colors peak and fade as we learn the hard way that love is a two-way street, and traffic can be murder.

2. Producer: Edinburgh Filmmaking Society
Artist: Pink Floyd
Song: “Great Gig in the Sky”
Category: Narrative

Astral trip or acid trip? One way to grapple with loneliness and isolation is to allow the mind to shift gears and hopefully find a safe place beyond these four walls.

3. Producer: Issy Johnston
Artist: Glass Animals
Song: “Mama’s Gun”
Category: Narrative

Here’s hard evidence that we’re at our most becoming when we’re becoming something else. Another thing we can do by ourselves? Evolve. Grow. Caterpillar meet butterfly.

4. Producer: Archie Whiting
Artist: FKA Twigs
Song: “Give Up”
Category: Narrative

Sometimes we need reminders of our priorities. Sometimes they take the form of a dancing woman in white. Whether or not we surrender to these invitations depends on how safe we want to play it.

5. Producer: Jack Forest
Artist: Jack Stauber
Song: “John & Nancy”
Category: Narrative

These days, paranoia is part of your survival kit. Surely we must have broken the rules. Are those men in black following me?

Another quick spin around the world in the Age of Isolation. Scotland, Shanghai, Australia. We’re going global from the supposed safety of our own homes. And we’re doing it together.

Footnote: We’re still counting the votes for Best Video of 2019, but we’ll have a winner any day now. Stick around!