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TikiKiti Awards Winter 21-22

How’s the weather in your backyard? Looks like we’re heading for a spring thaw.

Don’t look at my gut, okay? I’ve spent the last two years eating my feelings. I consumed a lot of guilt, a lot of negativity, and a lot of Ben & Jerry’s.

Like Alice’s Rabbit, I’m running late and there is much to discuss, including new goings-on at TikiKiti. We’ll be continuing our mission of curating Unofficial Music Videos from every point on the map, but we’re also going to delve through our archive of videos and try to connect some cultural dots, in the form of (drumroll please!) the TikiKiti International Film Festival (TKIFF).

We’re totally jacked to bring back some slapping videos from past masters, and put them together in new combinations with fresh entries to create themed online happenings (film festivals).

Together, we’ll explore our respective cultural identities, emphasizing the things we have in common, analyzing the conflicts that divide us, and maybe learn a few sweet dance moves along the way.

More on this as it develops.

By far, the greatest thing we’ve done at TikiKiti is encouraging emerging artists to “go for it” by convincing them that our intentions are good, and that there is an audience for their work.

Case in point is French filmmaker Kevin Bodin. We’ve gone from repeatedly gushing over his stunning visual style, to actually suggesting the song “Moaning Lisa Smile” by Wolf Alice as proper inspiration for a dynamite video.

Oregonian Jesse Locke has gone from being an early participating video artist, to hosting segments on the TikiKiti YouTube channel.

Expect a new and improved website, more interviews with a wide range of artists, and creative field reports from… everyone.

Basically, we’re doing a deep dive into our collective talent pool. While the quest for the Barclay Trophy continues, we’re going to be responsible for much more content, written, filmed, and produced by TikiKiti types like you and me.

Stay tuned! We are on the move and we want you to come with!

This is your daily reminder that Team TikiKiti is a hazily organized flock of filmmakers, artists, writers, and scalawags, intent on scrutinizing music videos from folks like you, the current inhabitants of Earth. It’s an endeavor we’ve been picking at for several years, but our enthusiasm for the work continues to evolve.

A hearty round of applause for Swedish artist Emil Oberg, who sent us this music video for fellow Swedes, Amason. In this edition of the TikiKiti Awards, we’ll also visit Mumbai, and make a few stops in America, so we don’t get too homesick.

1. Producer: Emil Oberg
Artist: Amason
Song: “Parachutes”
Category: Narrative

Welcome, my son, to the machine. Behold the plight of the office drone, gamely shuffling papers until the weekend arrives, when he is rewarded with a taste of sweet freedom. Simply told, but Oberg evokes layers of pathos from his leading man through editing that bounces from mundane chaos to pure moments of deep thought.

2. Producer: Melissa Chilson
Artist: Everything Everything
Song: “Distant Past”

Filmmaker Melissa Chilson shows true colors while getting vividly introspective. Through precision editing and an infallible color palate, Chilson illustrates how the need for validation can lead to a rabbit hole of self-pity and maudlin reflection.

3. Producer: Frank Galpin
Artist: Katrina Stone
Song: “Best Of Luck”
Category: Narrative

There’s a feeling going around that’s contagious. Not sure if it’s a song, a meme, or a positive attitude, but writer and motivator Frank Galpin captures an artful organic journey that seeks to keep us in the moment, and succeeds.

4. Producer: Zubin Sahney
Artist: Whiterosemoxie
Song: “West Side Boys”

This “Mumbai Vlog” uses a roving camera and flashes of red amidst moody black-and-white street scenes to deliver a slice of life that is both piping hot and too cool for school.

5. Producer: Kai Turner
Artist: Valentine
Song: “American Boy”
Category: Narrative

California filmmaker Kai Turner asks some deep questions in sign language—and discovers that the best way forward is holding hands with someone else.

And there you have it, another whirlwind tour of hearts and minds from near and far. We’re not sure where we’re going, but we know we’re getting there.

TikiKiti Awards: Fall 2021

Holy macaroni! Feast your eyes and ears on this bunch of Unofficial Music Videos!

Usually we start things with a neighborly preamble (“Hey! Looking good! You been lifting?”), but this edition of the TikiKiti Awards is an abundance of riches. To put it in plain English, deciding on a winning video out of the current batch of entries was a grueling process.

We could have made a case for several videos from our Fall Class of 2021 as being in the running for the esteemed Barclay Trophy. There was so much high-quality work that it came down to personal preferences from the panel of judges, and even then it was the thinnest of margins.

Your TikiKiti crew is a loose-knit cadre of creatives on hand to inspect vital examples of Unofficial Rock Videos from all points in the inhabited galaxy, a task we’ve been muddling through for nearly six years. We continue to gaze in awe at your artistic achievements, whether it’s a big-budget, tech-heavy epic, or just some kids having fun.

We’re not concerned with limitations at TikiKiti, because as the video evidence mounts, we realize there aren’t any. You, the burgeoning filmmaker, continue to find ways to write your own rules and create entire worlds.

Our winning artist goes by the name Enrg Milk and he hails from Ireland. We’ll also visit Chicago, Canada, and Los Angeles on this trip through our cultural salad bar. Take as many helpings as you want.

1. Producer: Enrg Milk
Artist: Playmint
Song: “Real Alien Ships”
Category: Narrative

This is what we’re talking about when we mention “World Building.” Enrg Milk manages to create a detailed aesthetic that harkens back to the glory days of low-budget Sci-Fi, while carrying a catchy melody.

2. Producer: Leah Bleich
Artist: Nicole Reynolds
Song: “We Are Haunted”
Category: Narrative

Warning: This video contains heart-wrenching scenes of domestic entropy from the point of view of a child. LA-based filmmaker Leah Bleich demonstrates a sophisticated camera eye that brings us uncomfortably close.

3. Producer: Karsen & Jacob Chandler
Artist: Superorganism
Song: “Something For Your M.I.N.D.”
Category: Narrative

Hey! Let’s have a baby! After all, these are the best of times and nothing could possibly go wrong. A musical meditation on adult anxiety while waiting for a visit from the stork.

4. Producer: Joshua Lee Videos
Artist: Bella Poarch
Song: “Build A Bitch”
Category: Narrative

Another view from the gamer’s couch, this one fixed firmly on the endless quest for a blissful relationship. You can’t design your own perfect lover but you can enjoy the dance.

5. Producer: Gabriel Goldman & Allan Rodriguez
Artist: Gerard Way
Song: “Happy Together”
Category: Narrative

This cover of The Turtles’ hit is a hit. What looks like a run-of-the-mill narrative really takes off and soars thanks to ingenuity, editing, and non-embarrassing CGI!

There are some fairly educated folks out there who claim our social skills are eroding through continuing isolation. Work from home, no-show at gatherings, delivered food, etc.

TikiKiti is a vitally important tool of expression that speaks volumes about our collective joys and fears. And it knows no boundaries. Everybody into the pool!

TikiKiti Awards: October 2019

“Fashion, their vampire/drapes itself across your back/as you fall from style/it waits rebirth on its rack.”

Boo! Did I scare you? It’s Halloween month on the ol’ TikiKiti blog site, but in reality, Christmas is fast approaching. The only solution to this nonlinear dilemma is to drop what you’re doing and watch Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as soon as possible.

Since it’s theoretically October, it only makes sense that this month’s slate of Unofficial Music Videos are bookended by horror-themed projects.

As always, hopeful contestants from every nation are recognized for outstanding achievement in video artistry with the presentation of the Barclay Trophy to our top vote-getter each month.

1. Producer: Bhai Log/Team Transformerz
Artist: Billie Eilish
Song: “Bury A Friend”
Category: Performance

Ubiquitous Yankee pop star Billie Eilish provides the accompaniment to this delirious dancing zombie vignette from India. A simple story about three pals exploring a haunted house can be interpreted any number of ways, mostly as variations on “Curiosity Killed the Cat” or the danger of wandering too far from “the path.” Supernatural naturalism?

2. Producer: Pezhmann Mokary
Artist: Federico Truzzi
Song: “Morae”
Category: Abstract

A nameless female protagonist shuffles through another dehumanizing, black-and-white commute only to end up at the sea, screaming her lungs out. Then the scene shifts to a more positive outlook, shot in color, that has a surreal, dreamlike quality. Never abandon those dreams; they might be the only thing keeping you sane.

3. Producer: Andrii Gusarov
Artist: Woodkid
Song: “L’aérogramme de Los Angeles”
Category: Abstract

The dazzling choreography, thoughtful art direction, and dexterous camera work combine to paint a picture of how daily distractions and commitments can not only keep us apart geographically from those we love, but also preoccupied when we’re supposed to be present.

4. Producer: Morgan Oliver-Allen
Artist: Dabin
Song: “Bloom”
Category: Vérité

This assemblage of footage is fairly inspired, tracking the conception and evolution of the Burning Man festival, interspersed with loving, longing looks from its participants. Lightning bolts of creativity are palpable and bright.

5. Producer: Jack Harriss/Michael Cox
Artist: Vasili
Song: “Dance With Me”
Category: Narrative

Another retelling of Frankenstein, this one set to an EDM soundtrack. Once again, a Narcissistic doctor is done in by his own creation. Full of hubris and the desire to play God, Dr. F doesn’t realize he’s created a being that has no desire to serve—only dance.

This month’s videos definitely have a cinematic quality to them, with the focus on a “bigger” story than time or budget allows. We encourage everyone to reach for the stars, but at the same time, be careful not to create a monster you can’t control.

TikiKiti Awards: September 2019

“The falling leaves drift by the window/The autumn leaves of red and gold/
I see your lips, the summer kisses/The sun-burned hands I used to hold.

Since you went away the days grow long/And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song/But I miss you most of all, my darling/When autumn leaves start to fall.”

I’m reminded of the REM song “Fall On Me” as I gaze out the window at the autumn foliage burning nuclear bright on a chilly day. The radiance is searing a hole in my skull, but I won’t let that little challenge get in the way of unveiling September’s collection of Unofficial Music Videos.

1. Producer: Kevin Bodin
Artist: Saez
Song: “Rue D’la Soif”
Category: Narrative

Much like the Beastie Boys declaring their rights to party, these hard-drinking French bohemians are prepared to throw down in a major way. With a utopian eye to the future, in which all cultures can come together and get equally hammered, Parisian filmmaker Kevin Bodin takes us on a sumptuous safari to where the people make merry. I’m thinking this is why we need a four-day work week in America.

2. Producer: Ido Fruchter
Artist: Asaf Avidan & The Mojos
Song: “The Ghost of a Thousand Little Lies”
Category: Narrative

Director Ido Fruchter, a student from Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, has successfully fashioned a marvelous miniature dystopian drama that depicts learning and knowledge as a painful process. This is especially true when your world view expands to the point of including other people.

3. Producer: RaveHad
Artist: Brad Head
Song: “In My Head”
Category: Abstract

I assumed the filmmaker was trying to evoke a noir, Lou Reed/Tom Waits street action vibe, but then I noticed that RaveHad hails from Russia, so that makes it even more menacing and cool.

4. Producer: PK Humble
Artist: Rag’N’Bone Man
Song: “Human”
Category: Narrative

Somewhere in Thailand, another anguished teen sorts out his feelings by walking around at night. As a coping device it’s recognized the world over as an effective remedy. Again, we have moody black and white imagery revealing a world without love or pity. You had to find out eventually, son.

5. Producer: Phoebe Gibson
Artist: Alt-J
Song: “Every Other Freckle”
Category: Abstract

It’s possible these English kids are taking acid for the first time, but a more likely theory is that they are extra-terrestrials trying on their human suits and getting in touch with the flesh. Blood and guts, we’ve all got ’em. What a concept!

So this month we’ve heard from France, England, the Russian Federation, Israel, and Thailand. At TikiKiti we’re spanning the globe to bring you the best in music video entertainment, in an effort to share our similarities, rather than fear our differences.

TikiKiti Awards: August 2019

“Walk out of any doorway/Feel your way like the day before/Maybe you’ll find direction/Around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you.”

As the world gets stranger than fiction every single day, we’re reporting to you from a nearby timeline where things have stabilized considerably. The turbulence in the rest of the universe is pretty severe at the moment, probably having something to do with the Age of Aquarius rising at the same time as the lost continent of Atlantis.

In less cataclysmic news, we have a dandy new collection of Unofficial (though no less compelling) Music Videos made by folks remarkably like yourself, hailing from all points Rand-McNally, and competing for the hotly contested Barclay Award for Excellence in Independent Video Arts. Here now, are August’s Top Five videos.

1. Producer: Derek Newman
Artist: Françoise Hardy
Song: “Comment Te Dire, Adieu?”
Category: Narrative

Not much to say here, other than “Bravo.” Derek Newman deliciously blends cheek, horror, and lampoonery to sensational effect. Ladies, these savage self-improvement steps are the ticket to a better, more beautiful you. Available now, at the low introductory price of your mortal soul!

2. Producer: Living Legends Productions
Artist: Gorillaz
Song: “Hillbilly Man”
Category: Narrative

It’s a Close Encounter of the Doll Kind! This Toytown take on alien abduction appealed to our appreciation of low-budget filmmaking, alá Ed Wood and Todd Haynes.

You know, the lamestream media never reports this stuff. Ken and Barbie dolls go missing all the time. Remember when they were everywhere? So where did they all go?

3. Producer: Macstermix
Artist: Flora Cash
Song: “You’re Somebody Else”
Category: Vérité

A beautifully assembled sequence of iPhone footage that paints a deeply intimate emotional landscape. Remember: The way we see the world is our most important piece of technology.

4. Producer: Hedyy
Artist: Laxcity
Song: “Your Own Company”
Category: Abstract

The commute home from work is the best time of day to relax and enjoy the abstraction. Is it magic realism or simply the cumulative fatigue of being overworked and underpaid? Let’s go with the more benign option, shall we?

5. Producer: Trevor Black
Artist: Lewis Capaldi
Song: “Someone You Loved”
Category: Performance

A dude murders his wife with a kitchen knife and is subsequently haunted by bloody visions. Considering the conscience of a killer is a bold choice, but I would have preferred the original ending in which the protagonist is stung to death by hornets over the course of several hours.

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? The only way things get better is if enough people are inspired to take positive action. So let’s get busy and inspire!

TikiKiti Awards: July 2019

“I’m goin’ where the water tastes like wine/I’m goin’ where the water tastes like wine/We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time.”

In the real world, summer has zenithed and is now packing its bags, while the rain can’t wait to get us wet. Inevitably, warmth gives way to autumn’s chill and selecting a wardrobe becomes a daily challenge. Wear a hat, because you lose most of your body heat from an uncovered noggin.

Once again we come bearing a bounty of Unofficial Music Videos from the far reaches of the globe, all competing for the highly coveted Barclay Award for Excellence in Independent Video Arts.

1. Producer: Toey PPS
Artist: Arianna Grande
Song: “Bloodline”
Category: Narrative

Thai teen turns typical trauma into an astounding array of color-coded visuals. Supple editing, a committed performance, and imaginative art direction carry this video to the July winner’s circle.

2. Producer: Melanie Murcie
Artist: Soul Kitchen
Song: “L’ombre De Ton Amour”
Category: Narrative

Female empowerment saves the day, as an angry activist slaps down a pimp, steals his roll, and liberates women from the sex trade. It’s kind of like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” but with booze, cigarettes, and violence.

3. Producer: Stephany Valdivia + Mathew Huerta
Artist: Billie Eilish
Song: “Bury A Friend”
Category: Narrative

A thoughtful collage approach works wonders with the words and worlds of Billie Eilish, an artist with a lot on her mind. Can introverts be popular?

4. Producer: Noedesu
Artist: Missio
Song: “Dizzy”
Category: Abstract

Sometimes we can’t trust our senses and running a self-inventory check can be pure torture. It’s a simple concept, but painted with raw, honest colors.

5. Producer: Entropique
Artist: Zero 7
Song: “Morning Song”
Category: Narrative

The apocalypse is on everyone’s mind these days. What will you wear? Can you make yourself useful in a survival situation? A scavenger rifles through remnants of societal detritus, searching for substance and meaning. Hey, we’re all in the same boat!

Global concerns weigh heavy on each of us, and it’s imperative that we sort through our own emotions, keeping whatever’s necessary, and jettisoning the baggage. Your videos are like messages in a bottle, hope and community kept alive despite trying circumstances. Creation is the key—and it will set you free.

TikiKiti Awards: May + June

“When Miss Moon lays down/And Sir Sun stands up/Me I’m found floating round and round/Like a bug in brandy/In this big bronze cup/Drowning here in summer’s cauldron.”

Summer vay-kay is here, and, much as it pains us to crawl from the hammock, making sure not to spill a precariously perched Bloody Mary, we have indeed returned to share nectar from our voluminous video flower patch.

How’s the weather where you are? Here at TikiKiti HQ (let me just bring up the satellite view) the forecast is topical with a chance of pain, followed by darkness when the sun goes down.

You may have noticed two months worth of awards in this post. Since we tend to get fewer submissions during these balmy summer days, we’re really doing our best to keep our inventory fresh and up to date. So while the boss is paragliding in Paraguay, it’s up to you and me to separate the wheat from the chaff.

For this installment, we have two winning videos, the first is for May and the second for June. Congratulations to both artists for superior work. Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of the mailman bearing your Barclay Trophy.

1. Producer: Will Lucas
Artist: Arianna Grande
Song: “Sometimes”
Category: Narrative

We were fooled along with everyone else! What opens as a simple meet-cute bit of romantic fluff, evolves into cloak-and-dagger escapades and intrigue. Very robust visual storytelling and sensible use of metaphor imagery, e.g., mousetraps, fishing lures, board games.

2. Producer: Kathryn Jankowski
Artist: Solomon Wilbur
Song: “Show Me Love”
Category: Narrative

More suppressed female rage is unleashed as a trio of overworked paper-pushers try to smash through the glass ceiling while simultaneously realizing their jobs pretty much suck. That’s a powerfully unsettling message.

3. Producer: RaymondisLazy
Artist: Mac Miller
Song: “Wings”
Category: Vérité

Mesmerizing and provocative travel imagery of Bangkok set to Mac Miller’s moody beats and subdued soul crooning. Both big pictures and little pictures are worth equal time.

4. Producer: Ryuuzaki NL
Artist: Billie Eilish
Song: “Bury A Friend”
Category: Performance

You didn’t really think we’d get through an entire round of videos without hearing from Billie Eilish, did you? She’s everywhere! The choreography bristles with vitality despite the obvious lack of precision.

5. Producer: Mikel Arraiz
Artist: Neon Palms
Song: “Kiss Me Malibu”
Category: Narrative

And finally, how about a gorgeously filmed but feverishly grotesque examination of mating rituals and the cultures that foster them as a necessary evil. Like we don’t have enough to worry about!

Until next time, campers! Keep those creative candles burning.

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Bodin

“Voilà voilà, c’est finalement fini!”

Who knew we were so big in France? Paris filmmaker Kevin Bodin is the most recent Barclay Trophy winner for his superb video, “Les Cours Des Lycées” by Saez. So let’s meet him.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Kevin Bodin. I have been an independent video maker for five years.

I studied video editing. I am fond of music and cinema, since my youngest age. I am a self-taught director. I come from the South of France but I have been living in Paris for seven years now.

Are you a professional?

I am doing my best to be as professional as possible! My particularity is to be versatile and to hold several positions during the making of my movies.

A small crew accompanies me on a few projects that require artificial lights or big labour. But I am by myself most of the time from the writing of the screenplay to the post-production. It is obsessional, I like to keep a tight rein on my work from start to finish.

What gear do you use?

I generally shoot with a Panasonic GH5 and fixed focal-length lenses. I like light equipment. I usually do the editing on DaVinci Resolve.

We get videos from all over the planet, and it seems as if troubled, sullen teens are universal. Are music videos an effective forum for experiencing the lives of people from different cultures?

Uneasiness is universal, and I think cinema and video play an essential part to change things in depths… Or at least to better understand the world around us… Or simply to feel less lonely.

Can you share some of your notes on the production of “Les Cours Des Lycées” in terms of theme and narrative?

I have very few notes. I prepare a lot beforehand and then I improvise a lot during the shooting.

What sort of feeling were you hoping to evoke?

Melancholia is the feeling that inspires me the most… The dark side of things… It represents a part of the truth of the existence. A part into which I like to look deeper… I also want to denounce and defend in my movies. I like to make other people feel the emotions that I feel myself every day. It gives me the impression that I am sharing a little bit of myself, of my way to communicate.

Do you have any near-future production projects or plans?

Yes! Surprise! Two radically different clips! One will be out in September and the other should be out in November.

Kevin was kind enough to send us some of his other video creations. And we look forward to much more!

TikiKiti Awards: April 2019

“I just spent 60 days in the jailhouse/For the crime of having no dough/Now here I am back out on the street/For the crime of having nowhere to go.”

Glad to have you back for another trip around the video Mulberry Bush with our five top-shelf entries from April. Did you get your taxes done? I tried to tell the IRS that no one was interested in seeing my taxes, but we’re still miles apart on that subject.

This month’s Top Five includes impressive work from France, Thailand, and Indonesia, proving once again that teen angst transcends all borders and timelines.

As you are no doubt aware, the top finisher for the month will collect the esteemed Barclay Award for Excellence in Video Arts. If you’re a past winner, why don’t you send us a snap of the trophy perched majestically on the mantle in your lovely home? Besides, we hardly ever hear from you except for Christmas and birthdays!

1. Producer: Kevin Bodin Films
Artist: Saez
Song: “Les Cours Des Lycées”
Category: Narrative

Oh, thank heavens it was all just a dream. The denim-vest wearing French protagonist is executed by a disappointed girlfriend for the crime of being lame. The assured craftsmanship exhibited in Kevin Bodin Films’ provocative production is faultless and hypnotic.

2. Producer: Unlocked Films
Artist: Alt-J
Song: “In Cold Blood”
Category: Narrative

Another stylistic knock-out from Barclay Award winner Jesse Locke and the Unlocked Films team. A true Battle of the Titans plays out before our unbelieving eyes, somehow combining Tarantino, Italian opera, and big-time wrassling to full blooming effect.

3. Producer: Dino Squirrel
Artist: New York Dolls
Song: “Stranded in the Jungle”
Category: Narrative

Superb animation welded to a tasty tune. Pro-level moves from Dino Squirrel, and we look forward to more.

4. Producer: Pond TR
Artist: Krewella
Song: “Be There”
Category: Narrative

What begins as pop video confection turns apocalyptic and deeply personal—a father worries that he can’t keep his daughter safe in this touching tale from Thailand.

5. Producer: Riki Sodikin
Artist: Kodaline
Song: “Caught In The Middle”
Category: Narrative

Deceptively and sweetly simple, this Indonesian entry radiates the unbridled joy of creativity. Finding your joy is the key to unlocking it all.

My apologies to Marie Kondo, but she’s definitely on to something.

TikiKiti Awards: March 2019

Oh man, are you a sight for sore eyes. Hope springs eternal and with winter safely in the rearview mirror, we salute the return of the sun with another batch of Grandma’s delicious, homemade Unofficial Music Videos. There’s milk in the fridge.

The Top Five entires for the month of March are currently six in number, with a tie for fifth between equally deserving artists. Some may call it Bonus Content, but we prefer to think of it as Added Value. In any case, the online branding course is clearly paying off, big time.

Reminder: The top finisher for the month will receive the fabled Barclay Award for Excellence in Video Arts. Because trophies make it official!

1. Producer: Nicole Adams
Artist: Quinn XCII & Kailee Morgue
Song: “What The Hell Happened To Us?”
Category: Narrative

From the opening credits to the last shot, it’s a flawless narrative continuum. The lip-synch is tight as a drum and every detail is correctly styled and executed.

2. Producer: Tae Ahn
Artist: Faye Wong
Song: “Chu Lu”
Category: Vérité

Needless to say, it’s very difficult to take random footage and visualize it into a larger context. Quite often, this sort of thing is a jumble of images that never come together. Tae Ahn’s Vérité video feels charming, intimate, and fun.

3. Producer: Mahir Saeed
Artist: Kaleo
Song: “Way Down We Go”
Category: Narrative

A sharply rendered crisis of culture and conscience by Mahir Saeed. The idea of having to live with the choices we’ve made can be rough sledding for some.

4. Producer: Redstone Army
Artist: K-391
Song: “Ignite”
Category: Vérité

Male sports fantasies never die and they exist seemingly regardless of cultural differences. Sometimes we need to be a hero, even in our own minds.

5. Producer: Guernsey Media
Artist: Pvris
Song: “Mirrors”
Category: Narrative

Another mercurial teenage girl wonders about her identity and romantic prospects in this fanciful bit of video introspection. Always remember, there is a diva inside every cocoon.

5. Producer: Peter Ghaly
Artist: Mako
Song: “Way Back Home”
Category: Narrative

A cinematic exercise filmed in both color and black and white, as the young protagonist faces a choice between moving forward into the unknown or death by stagnation.

Therein lies a lesson for all of us: It’s better to move forward and discover something new, rather then rest in your own nest and wait for the hate. And with that final challenge, we leave you.