TikiKiti and the Barclay Award for Best Unofficial Music Video

Movies have the Oscars and indie music videos have the Barclays. The Barclay Award recognizes exceptional independent music videos and is awarded monthly to the producer of the video with the highest Tikikiti rating. The competition is worldwide.

In addition to the Barclay we offer prizes to the top monthly producers. Currently, we have a TikiKiti t-shirt for each of the top-5 videos.

How to enter a video

Just publish an independent music video on YouTube. That’s it. We find most videos tagged unofficial music video, fan music video, student music video, etc. To make sure we find yours, you can also place the word “Tikikiti” in your video’s comment.  

How we select winners

We rate indie music videos in these five categories:

  • narrative
  • abstract
  • performance
  • vérité
  • mash-up (found video)

Currently we do not rate anime music videos or machinima/MMD videos.

Our judges rate each video on its production value, creativity and editing technique to reach an overall score.

What to do if your video is selected for an award

If you are selected as a monthly winner we will contact you by a YouTube comment and if possible by email or social media. You may contact us at

We will need a physical address to send you the Barclay or a t-shirt award.  We handle all shipping expenses.

To find out more information award recipients you can visit our monthly winners post. Here we have the most current winners. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Barclay is an imposing statue. It is solid bronze with a black patina on an ebony base. Measuring 16-inches (40 cm) and weighing 6 pounds (2.8 kg) it’s an appropriate tribute to the effort and creativity that goes into an indie video.

We look forward to seeing your next masterpiece. Cheers!