The TikiKiti Awards for excellence in indie music videos

TikiKiti will be honoring one video as the best video for January, 2018, and four (five) runners up.

The Barclay Award will go to the top rated video in one of five categories: narrative, abstract, performance, véreté, or mash-up (found video).

The award statue is 16-inches tall (40 cm), weighs 6 pounds (2.8 kg), and is solid bronze with a green patina on a solid ebony base. It will also feature a plaque with the winner’s name, video category and date of the award.

Gift cards ($50 Starbucks cards this month) will be presented the four (five this month) runners up.

Recipients will be notified in the comments section of the chosen video with a post from TikiKiti. The winner will need to notify us ( if they are interested in receiving the award. We’ll need an email address and a shipping address.

We’ve reviewed so many great videos in January that it was difficult to pick just one. February is looking to be equally challenging. Thanks for all the great music videos!